Business Model

Let's counter the numbers.



Of heart disease annually. That is 1 every 4 deaths.


Million Dollars

For targeted temperature management market annually. Expected to rise 7-10% yearly.


Billion Dollars

Estimated Market for Year 2025.


The revenue model for Stempoint Technologies is based off a disposable high cost business model. Stempoint will offer a disposable kit with an integreted cooling and monitoring unit. The targeted customer groups comprise of the Department of Defense, Medical Care Units, Research, and Academia.


Stempoint Customers

Research groups performing induced hypothermia experiments. These groups seek tools to quantify patient temperature data and monitor the efficiency of their cooling devices.


Stempoint Customers

Victims in the emergency room who are in a state of brain hypoxia from cardiac arrest require real-time temperature and data feedback for medical intervention. Every second is critical.


Stempoint Customers

Induced hypothermia will become an effective way to save the lives of those who receive penetrative trauma on the battlefield.